Forget everything you know about liqueur

Maruccia Elixir

“Maruccia Elixir on the rocks is rocking”

When you think about herbal liqueurs forget that stuff from the 80th. Change your mind. Maruccia Elixir is something completely different. We use just the good things from the island like blossoms, plants, herbs and  spices and of course oranges.

Do not match us with the Italian ones or the German top dog. Maruccia Elixir is a liqueur to die for. Try it and find out whether this statement is correct.

Trink it pure, on the rocks as aperitif or digestif. If works and has it one stile: for sure.

Frank Maruccia – Bodega Maruccia

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Get the taste of the island: Maruccia Elixir: we bottled Mallorca

Frank Maruccia Inventor of Maruccia ElixirOwner Bodega Maruccia on Mallorca

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History of Maruccia Elixir

Mallorca is different and unique. If you come regularly to the island you know what we are talking about. Frank Maruccia, the inventor or Maruccia Elixir is on the island since 2007 and a successful business man as well as a passionate winemaker. As half Italian he always was searching for a real mallorquin Amaro. The island offers a lot of liqueurs but one who “bottles the island” has missed so far.

Franks special liqueur has 30% alcohol and is made of the best herbs, spices and oranges. Try this smooth and velvety liqueur which is really one out of the few. Maruccia Elixir reflects the island with ingredients like almond blossoms, oranges and mint. You will feel a smoth and less alcohol based refreshing drink which presents the island in a liquid form.

Frank was working for almost 1.5 years at the recipe to find something really special. He was using many of the best things from the island and you can taste that with every sip.

Maruccia Elixir is not that thick and sugary like many others. Try it and you will see that you have Mallorca in glas as mouth.



A liquer, which chatched me from the first sip on!

Juan Amador - 3 Star Michelin CookOwner Restaurant Amador, Vienna

Some feedback from fans…

Eigentlich bin ich kein großer Freund von Likören. Das Elixir hat mich aber sofort geflasht. Es ist genau so, wie ich mir einen Amaro vorstelle: ausgewogen und harmonisch im Mund und weder alkohol- noch zuckerbasiert.

Juan Amador - 3 Sterne Koch

I am a great fan from herb liquer. But so far I have not tried such a perfect combination of herbs, sprices and fruits

Tomas Bartender Forn GroupWhat a new spirit at the licor scene

Ich bin vom ersten Schluck an ein großer Fan des Maruccia Elixirs. Wir haben den Likör als erstes deutsches Restaurant sofort bei uns gelistet, weil er wirklich etwas Besonderes ist.

Juan BlancoBetreiber Jose y Josefina in Stuttgart
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Maruccia Elixir as aperitif

Maruccia Elixir sour
70 ml Maruccia Elixir
70 ml Graipfrucht Saft
20 ml Rooibus Zuckersirup
20 ml Eiweis
Gut im Shaker schütteln. Anrichten mit einer Grapefrucht-Schaale und Tonka Bohne

Maruccia Elixir on the rocks

Just pure
80 up to 100 ml Maruccia Elixir
1 Ice cupe
2 Orange zests
1 mint leaf

Cocktail 1

Mallorca on the cream
6-8 cl Elixir
4 cl Malibu oder Cocos Sirup
4 cl Ananassaft
Ein Spritzer Limette
Mit Eis in den Shaker geben und ca. 30 bis 60 Minuten shaken bis eine echte Schaumkrone entsteht

Cocktail 2

Maruccia Elixir sour
70 ml Maruccia Elixir
70 ml Grapefruitsaft
20 ml Rooibos Zuckersirup
20 ml Eiweiss
In Shaker gut schütteln und in gekühltes Glas geben
Garnieren mit Grapefruitschaale und Tonka Bohne

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