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Maruccia Elixir

“Maruccia Elixir among the top ten liqueurs worldwide and best Spanish liqueur”

Maruccia Elixir was voted as one of the 10 best spirits in the world and the best Spanish liqueur in the latest the prestigious london spirit competition in April 2024

Our Elixir is not an ordinary liqueur, we have created something really special.

Maruccia Elixir is something completely new. A lot of good things from the island were used for the liqueur, which is really fun to drink. Flowers, plants, spices, herbs and oranges.

Anyone who thinks of the well-known Italian herbal liqueurs should change their mind. Maruccia Elixir is different and special: enjoy.

Frank Maruccia – Bodega Maruccia

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Get the taste of the island: Maruccia Elixir is Mallorca in a bottle

Frank Maruccia Developer of the Elixirfrom the presticious Bodega Maruccia on Mallorca


The island of Mallorca is special and has a special smell. Anyone who visits the island will recognise it. Frank Maruccia has been on Mallorca since 2007 and is a successful entrepreneur and passionate winemaker. As a half-Italian, he has always missed an island-specific “Amaro”. Mallorca offers a variety of liqueurs, but a liqueur that reflects the island was missing.

His special liqueur from Mallorca has 30% alcohol and is made from selected ingredients and oranges. A soft and velvety liqueur came out, It contains everything that makes the island special: almond blossom, oranges, mint and lemon balm, among others. Very smooth in the mouth and less alcohol-based. The natural ingredients and oranges bring the island of Mallorca into the bottle.

Frank worked on the recipe for over two years to make the blend a special experience. He mainly uses ingredients that come from our island.

His elixir is significantly less viscous than other related liqueurs, as it contains less sugar. The result is a great and smooth liqueur that reflects our beautiful island.

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A liqueur that flashed me right from the beginning!

Juan Amador - 3 Star Michelin ChefRestaurant Amador Viena

Some information from our clients…

Normaly I am not a great fan from liqueurs but this one is different, It is exactly how I would like to have an amaro.

Juan Amador - 3 Star Chef

I am a great fan from herb liquer. But so far I have not tried such a perfect combination of herbs, sprices and fruits

Tomas Bartender Forn GroupWhat a new spirit at the licor scene

From the first sip on I was and I am a great fan from Maruccia Elixir. We serve the liqueur in our Restaurant in Germany/Stuttgart and our clients just love it...

Juan BlancoBetreiber Jose y Josefina in Stuttgart
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Maruccia Elixir as an appetizer

Maruccia Elixir sour
70 ml Maruccia Elixir
70 ml grapefruit juice
20 ml Rooibus sugar syrup
20 ml egg white
Shake well in a shaker. Garnish with a grapefruit peel and tonka bean

Maruccia Elixir on the rocks

Just pure
80 to 100 ml Maruccia Elixir
1 ice cube
2 orange zests
1 mint leaf

Cocktail 1

Mallorca on the cream
6-8 cl Elixir
4 cl Malibu or coconut syrup
4 cl pineapple juice
A squeeze of lime
Pour into the shaker with ice and shake for approx. 30 to 60 minutes until a real head of foam forms

Cocktail 2

Maruccia Elixir sour
70 ml Maruccia Elixir
70 ml grapefruit juice
20 ml Rooibos sugar syrup
20 ml egg white
Shake well in a shaker and pour into a chilled glass
Garnish with grapefruit peel and tonka bean

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